A Seat at the Table: Moving from Hierarchy to Harmony

Amber H. Jones

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One look at the headlines, or a quick scroll through Twitter, is enough to sound the alarm that a shift is happening in the Body of Christ. As a result of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, more and more women are coming forth with their stories of dreams lost, faith crushed and relationships destroyed. The controversy is pouring over into the church as well, with #ChurchToo gaining momentum and thrusting the debate over female subordination into the limelight like never before. Christians are being forced to examine the stakes, the stances and the theology of gender hierarchy.

Are females created and destined for subordination? Is it God’s true notion that maleness is a requisite for preaching and teaching? What about those complicated passages in scripture that seem to contradict and confuse? What about tradition and family values? A Seat at the Table tackles these questions and more through an interactive and in-depth study of God’s word. Interspersed between chapters of scholarly study, are thought-provoking vignettes highlighting the real-life, everyday consequences of living by doctrine which exalts hierarchy over harmony.