Hi there! My name is Amber and I’m the wife to an adventurous, brave, and handsome Navy chaplain and the mother of four of the most beautiful souls on earth. We’ve traipsed all over the world together and have settled – at least for the next few years – in the City that Never Sleeps, New York. It all sounds very romantic, doesn’t it? Well, some of it has been but most of it has been very normal and workaday and I’ve loved all of it because I know that I’m right where I belong in this wide world. That’s one of the most beautiful parts of being a true follower of Christ – I’m always at home because he lives within me.
I wear many hats these days. I have degrees in Psychology and Counseling respectively. I homeschool my four kiddos, I’m a professional photographer and I’m a writer. Perhaps that’s been my most constant hat – writing. I’ve been wearing it since I was old enough to put pen to paper. For a while my pen was buried beneath piles of laundry and babies’ diapers, but after returning from Africa (we adopted our daughter from beautiful Ethiopia at the age of two), I found life didn’t make sense for the longest time. In fact, the only thing that did make sense to me was picking up my pen and putting it back to paper. With trembling, unsure hands I began scribbling again and haven’t stopped.
I simply believe in words. They can transform. They can destroy. They can heal. They are mightier than the sword and I love to watch them plant seeds and reap harvests in our lives. So what can you expect to find here?
Authenticity. Joy. Pain. Hope. Love.
We’ll talk about books, authors, food, parenting, writing, spirituality, marriage, and plenty of the stuff that makes our daily lives – and the world – go round. But it will always come back to: Authenticity. Joy. Pain. Hope. Love.
You are so welcomed here, to my little space in the blogosphere. I hope you’ll stay a while and share yourself with me as I share myself with you.